Preserve the dignity and beauty of your church with a one-of-a-kind, custom carved sign. Our small family-owned business specializes in providing attractive and durable carved signs for all houses of worship. Working with your ideas or creating our own, we will supply you with pricing and custom designs, based on your specific requirements. Our designs clearly show all details of your proposed sign, which we then use to create a full-sized pattern for carving. There are never any design “surprises” with our process; what you see is what you get! You are assured that the sign you receive is exactly what our designs had shown.
Traditionally, all carved signs have been made of wood, usually mahogany, cedar or redwood. Several years ago we upgraded to a proven synthetic material called “high density urethane”, which cannot deteriorate as wood does. All of the photos within this website show signs made of the “HDU” material, which is now the sign-trade standard for exterior carved signs. The carving material has approximately the same weight and density as redwood, but without the limited life expectancy of wood.

We are so pleased with the performance of HDU that we no longer produce any exterior wooden signs. Finishing our signs consists of multiple coats of oil-based primers and color-coats, sanded lightly between coats for maximum paint adhesion. Lettering is finished in 23k gold leaf (not “gold paint”, but actual gold foil!) Silver leaf and/or enamel colors. We will visually match any sample of colors used on your church, from any source.